Avenue Family Practice has decades experience in preventing and treating workplace injuries and in managing workers compensation cases. Avenue Family Practice’s goal is to keep you safe and happy at work. Our work-related services include:

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Counseling
  • Immunization to insure you stay free from disease at work
  • Physicals: pre-employment, executive/key man, DOT
  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations
  • Work restrictions
  • Treating physician for work-related injury or illness

Visit the California Division of Worker’s Compensation website for invaluable information.

Suzanne Sommer, NP, Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner, is an expert in the management of workers compensation cases. She earned her MS in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing from UCSF and has cared for working patients and managed Avenue Family Practice’s workers compensation practice for over 2 decades.


Health Tip! Designate your treating physicians whenever you start a new job and protect your right to quality workers compensation health care.

No one expects to get hurt at work . . . well, most employees don’t!

If you are injured at work the best physician to manage your case is someone who is familiar with you, your work and your life outside work: your family doctor.

If you designate Dr. Sommer as your treating physician BEFORE suffering any injury at work you can come directly to him in the event you are injured or made ill by your work. If you do not pre-designate we can work with you to try to obtain approval to see him.

Designated Treating Physicians Form: click here for pdf; click here for doc

For each job you have, complete this form, have Dr. Sommer sign it, give it to your employers to keep in your employment files.